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Beat Based At-Home Online Workouts

--- Strength,
Sculpt and Stretch


Transform at-home workouts from dull and boring to high energy and fun. Access from anywhere -- all 30 minutes or less!

Intentionally crafted playlists to help get you out of your head and into your body.

Whether you're looking to build muscle or build confidence, grow your booty or feel good in your're in the right place.

You're motivated by fun, energy giving, high vibe playlists paired with intentional but challenging workouts. You're the girl who's here for the music but stays for the endorphins, you know? I got you. 

Did I mention?

full body, lower body, arms, abs and everything in between.
short and spicy 💦
classes are 30 mins or less.
minimal equipment needed. light + medium weights, option to add bands and ankle weights.
with an ever-growing on-demand library you'll have access to sculpt, strength and stretch videos as well as live on zoom classes.


Functional exercises ranging from low impact to higher intensity, using bodyweight and/or medium to heavy dumbbells.


Beat-based Barre and Pilates inspired exercises with ankle weights, wrist weights, and light dumbbells.


Musical flows focused on mobility, lengthening, and recovery. Perfect for lower energy days when you need movement.

Access to full class playlists and workouts ranging from full body to lower body, sculpt to strength, high intensity to low impact, there's something for you everyday. Let's take the decision fatigue out of working out----whatever you're working with that day, theres a class ready for you. 

What's inside?

1 live class per week
On-demand library updated weekly
Immaculate playlists with high vibes
Big F*king Energy (BFE)

7-Day Free Trial

Get your first 7 days free! Try it on for size and see what you think––if it's not for you, cancel anytime!

Ready to sweat?

Renews monthly, cancel anytime!
Already a member? Login here. 



I loved Kendall's strength class! It was the perfect vibe for a morning workout. The music was inspiring, and Kendall made you feel at ease with her upbeat personality sprinkled with humor. I will take her class again and highly recommend you do too!

-Tori S.


Kendall was INCREDIBLE!! Her class was high energy, the playlist was amazing, her workout flow & sequence was super effective for getting a solid workout in less than an hour! LOVED every second of it!

-Madi R.


Kendall is so empowering and so fun! I feel like I’m working out with my best friend. She breaks the sweat, kills the playlists, and reminds you to laugh. What a treat!

-Erin H.


Kendall Marie Zoppa

Growing up as a competitive dancer, music was at the center of my fitness journey. After years of working for some of the biggest brands in the industry (SoulCycle, SLT, CycleBar, Rumble) I found myself craving strength and sculpt workouts that incorporated what I loved about rhythm based cycling while also working with my own cycle. And as a former health coach, helping women understand how to work with their bodies is my true purpose in life. 

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